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JumpRockUK• JUMP's new studio album BREAKING POINT is available on Bandcamp now. Go here for details.

JumpRockUK14th October 2020 - New Album Finally Goes to Press as JUMP sign to F2 Music

'Breaking Point’ is JUMP’s fourteenth album. Our first release in over four years it comprises a collection of material built around its title track. The familiar personal narratives with which we are so strongly identified are here again, this time set in a context defined by the tragedy of, and fallout from, a faraway conflict.

Simply put, ‘Breaking Point’ wonders out loud about how refugees became scapegoats...

The producer’s chair on this occasion is occupied by guitarist Ronnie Rundle, who also mixed the album. We’d had intended the release to coincide with its 30th anniversary shows, which as you know were due to take place in April. Of course the Coronavirus pandemic put paid to the gigs and temporarily held up progress on the production, but also led to positive talks with F2 Music that resulted in the band signing to the Festival Music label - something that we strongly believe will expand our reach into new territories.

A footnote to this album was the amicable departure of bassist Mark Pittam after the completion of recording. Subsequently replaced by former JUMP stalwart Andy Faulkner, who has rejoined for his second stint with the band, Pittam’s contribution to the writing and delivery of the songs cannot be overstated. He moves to new musical pastures with the ringing endorsement of his former bandmates.

We’re very proud of the new album, which will be released by F2 Music in early November. The CD includes a full lyric booklet and will also be available through our Bandcamp store.

2nd April 2020 - Weird Days

Well, it’s been a surreal few weeks. No need for statements or reflections. It’s all quite mad. Suffice to say that our gig at the famous Hope and Anchor went west... followed in short order by the anniversary shows. We know that for the most part, you can all keep in touch with us via social media, so it’s unlikely you’ll have missed our news or indeed, the impact of COVID-19.

Anyway, we wish every single one of you good health, good fortune and a prosperous re-emergence from this, the most bizarre scenario. News of live work will appear on Facebook and here... who knows what will happen? We cross our fingers, toes and legs. We continue to piece together the new album. It will happen this year... all things being equal.

Look out for a virtual event on April 13...

Stay safe. Look after yourselves and be good.



7th March 2020 - Breaking Point

As our 30th anniversary gigs fast approach, so too does the completion of ‘Breaking Point’, our 14th studio album. Ronnie is working on the final mixes and we’re dying to share what will be a nine-song statement of the JUMP world view. There is no release date yet, as we have found ourselves having some interesting informal talks with a label... Let’s see...

Both Aylesbury shows in April are sold out but we’re warming up at the famous Hope and Anchor in Islington with our good friends HAZE on Friday March 20th. It’s a great little venue and one we’re proud to be playing.


20th January 2020

2020 Vision of Hope (...and Anchor...)

Well, it’s here at last. In April JUMP will have been together for 30 years. There are now only a handful of tickets left for our Friday anniversary show at the Limelight in Aylesbury, those for the Saturday having sold out last November.

For anyone unable to attend for whatever reason please be aware that on March 20, we’re playing a warm-up show at The Hope and Anchor in Islington in the company of our good friends, Prog legends HAZE, from Sheffield. The gig is a double header, so both bands will be do doing slightly trimmed full sets at this famous old London venue.

The gig will mark Andy Faulkner’s return to the stage with the band, so an interesting setlist is guaranteed. For a good look at what we’re doing this year, check out the gigs page and of course our rolling Facebook feed

For tickets to The Hope and Anchor visit this link.


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